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Catalog Design

Designing a catalog takes years of experience in building each page's elements, so that your products will sell with success.

Product photography, copy and page design put in the right arrangement will motivate the buyer to order from your catalog. We have constructed over 10,000 pages and mailed over 5,000,000 catalogs over a 15-year period. Our experience in the electronic composition of your catalog is the most important purchase you'll make other than the mailing list. Without proper presentation of not only your products but also the atmosphere that fits your product's demographic profile.

The look and feel of your catalog is essential as the buyers flip through the pages. A simple change of location on a page can make a low-end product take-off and become a top producer. After the potential buyer notices the product the copy has to be directed to them and sell the item. Direct mail catalog copy is just that!

Copy is different for technical, consumer and business to business catalogs. Being able to write to customer is an art in its self. We have writers who have supplied copy for many different markets such as automotive, agricultural, sporting goods, health food, electronics, travel, consumer gifts and home products.

Let us show you how to increase your sales through proper design of your catalog and with a budget that will justify itself.

All pages are prepared electronically using digital technology with a direct to plate process that will save you money and time. Use our free bid button to tell us about your next catalog and we'll get back to you within 24 hrs with a cost and direction!

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