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Direct Mail Design

If your direct mail program is not working . . . then you must be doing it wrong! That's why 50% of Fortune 500 companies dropped their POP advertising to convert to "One to One" direct mail advertising last year. It works when done correctly!

We have many direct mail programs for consumer, business to business, surveys, fundraising and magazine subscriptions. We mail over 25 million pieces a year and we know what pulls the best responses. We have experienced many different formats for 20 years and we have kept the data on returns for every piece.

When using direct mail information is the key!

We design each piece based on demographic profiles of the recipient, research the list acquisition, and write the copy that will draw the best response. What will the recipient be looking for, what will they want to read and most important what will make them respond. We will draft several pieces before we even show you the final piece. The draft choices are tested with model groups before a final approach is decided upon.

Photographic elements, the correct copy and a response mechanism is carefully decided after we have spent time discussing your objectives. The information about your objective is a key element in our design. If you don't have enough data we can help you complete that intel gathering.

Take the time to see how we can build a better direct mail program for you and your objective. Just fill out the bid sheet and let us do the rest! We will get you responses.

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